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Buy Rite Technologies gives suppliers easy access to thousands of national and global organizations. Our team of sourcing consultants are always looking for new and innovative suppliers. Buy Rite Technologies gives you, as a vendor, the ability to negotiate in real-time with key decision makers with some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. As a course of business, we often uncover opportunities that you may not be aware of. We view our vendors as a very integral part of our business model. For vendors, our process also streamlines the old paper based RFP process sparing you from endless meetings and increasing amounts of paper work and never ending and sometimes blind negotiations. You can rest assured that we put you on a level playing field with real decision makers.

Buy Rite Technologies provides vendors with:

• Paperless bids

• Real decision makers

• Real-time feedback

• Shortened negotiation cycles

• Level playing field

• Interaction with buyers in real-time

Buy Rite Technologies fully endorses the Institute for Supply Managements’ Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct and Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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