Vendor Performance Management

Our BRTvpm vendor performance management solution will help you increase your supplier’s performance and compliance to your contract terms. It offers the best supplier scorecards in the industry while also providing convenient ways to gather the information through such means as surveys and supplier self reporting to name a few.

BRTvpm is a complementary module that dovetails with our other Buy Rite Technologies e-Sourcing solutions. We offer the best-in-class vendor management tools that allow you to realize savings throughout the entire contract lifecycle. When using Buy Rite Technologies sophisticated vendor survey system, you can easily and consistently rate your suppliers’ performance through all stages of the procurement cycle, through production and contract fulfillment.

Our Vendor Performance Analysis application provides detailed performance analytics with in-depth reporting functionality. Consistently grade your suppliers on attributes such as capabilities, delivery record, product quality and service level. Utilize this on-demand tool to generate both qualitative and quantitative data that can improve your vendor performance services and enhance your supply chain operations. These reports are extremely useful when conducting quarterly business reviews with your vendors.