The Transportation Industry is a cyclical sector comprised of companies that provide shipping services, using tractor-trailers, to customers, which are usually commercial businesses. Most trucking outfits own and operate the vehicles in their fleets, though some do rely on leasing. The vast majority of revenue is generated domestically, since overseas shipments require either air- or sea-based transportation.

Customers have numerous operators to choose from, including privately held carriers and companies outside the industry, such as air-transporters. As a result, day-to-day operations tend to be relationship-oriented. Companies strive to build close ties with customers in order to generate repeat business. Providing excellent service is a necessity, since customers can easily find an alternative shipper. Price competition is fierce, and the companies in the trucking industry operate with narrow margins.

Capacity management, cost control, cash management: these are the words heard in every boardroom, and represent some of the challenges that transportation and logistics (T&L) operators are facing as they navigate through the current economic environment. Taking quick and determined action is crucial for trucking companies to address these threats; for some responding appropriately will be a question of survival.

Logistics service providers will need to balance energy efficiency together with speed to support supply chains which take into account both factors, as well as other cost concerns such as access to supplies, materials and labor.

Buy Rite Technologies team of e-procurement specialist have the experience and knowledge to deliver significant cost savings in most every sourcing category. We can customize our e-sourcing solutions to conduct complex sourcing solutions from fuel and energy to over the road service agreements.

Through Buy Rite Technologies proprietary online e-auction application, we can reduce costs, streamline supplier interactions and compress negotiation cycles when purchasing capital equipment, materials and services from vendors around the world. Our advanced procurement technology delivered an average cost savings of 18% and reduced purchasing cycle times by 40%. Our technology improves the resource-intensive procurement process by enabling you to electronically track and record all communication with suppliers and archive bid documents for future reference and use.


• Streamlined negotiation processes

• Greater negotiation power

• Reduced procurement costs

• Increased control & automation of the procurement process

• More efficient & effective sourcing processes


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