Retail today is all about being better, faster, and leaner. Buy Rite Technologies can help you overcome many of these challenges within your supply chain. Our Team of experienced e-sourcing practitioners can quickly help retailers identify and qualify suppliers, negotiate favorable terms, evaluate vendor performance and reduce their overall supply cycle.

The Retail industry is consumer-driven and with the recent economic turmoil, marketplace forces have created a challenging environment. The economic crisis is accelerating consumer trends and creating a greater urgency for retailers to address new marketplace realities. Retailers will be increasingly constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of high operating expenses, market saturation, the rise of multichannel buying, an aging population, less affluent buyers, diminished consumer loyalty and the rise of digital media to influence purchase decisions.

In order to remain competitive in today’s changing world and ensure future success, retailers will need to ensure they remain focused on the long-term horizon and find innovative solutions to create value, reduce operating costs, and mitigate risks throughout the entire enterprise.

At Buy Rite Technologies we have developed a full service procurement model that provides the efficiencies and delivers the saving that will allow retailer to meet their financial and customer satisfaction goals.

Buy Rite Technologies team of e-procurement professionals have been successful in helping retailers drastically reducing the costs for such items as point of sale (POS) systems, office equipment, stock keeping units (SKU) and more. Our retail industry customers have realized up to a 40% saving on these items while reducing their purchasing cycle by 50%. They can also:

• Gain greater negotiation power

• Increase control and automation of the procurement process

• Source more effectively

• Automate the bid collection process

• Review & analyze spend & event records

• Produce real-time spend reports & bid analysis