manufacturingYour supply chain efficiencies are critical to your success in the increasingly competitive global manufacturing environment. However, traditional procurement processes often negatively impact operating costs, profitability and the supply chain. When procurement is not running smoothly, manufacturers experience shipping delays, slowdowns in production and decreased worker productivity.

Through Buy Rite Technologies full service e-procurement solutions, manufacturers can streamline the procurement process through our online e-sourcing collaborative tools. Buy Rite Technologies project Managers will assist you in creating bid specifications, using current market information gathered from performing electronic RFP for both local and global manufacturing organizations. We also help to retrieve and verify spend data, gather relevant terms and service requirements, and find other suppliers amongst our vast vendor network that can supply your needs. Our team has been successful in providing our manufacturing clients with up to 35 percent savings within a two hour timeframe for various products and services they purchased including fuel, printing, office supplies and equipment and OEM materials. Other business benefits include:

• Reduced purchasing cycle time

• Superior negotiation power

• Access to a broader, global supplier network

• Increased control and automation of the procurement process

• Improved supplier performance reporting

• Optimized spend management capabilities