Hospitality and leisure sectors are highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions. These industries are capital, management, marketing, personnel, energy, maintenance, and technology intensive.

Demand and consumer expectations have continued to expand with the evolution of a global marketplace and the increased development of a population desiring additional conveniences. US hospitality and leisure companies need to meet the challenges of today’s market. US, independent and regional hotels are faced with a host of unique challenges: then must quickly and efficiently develop an understanding of their changing consumer — establishing strategies to meet new trends, economic conditions, competition and concerns for public safety.

Buy Rite Technologies understands these challenges. Our full service e-sourcing team of experts along with our e-sourcing applications can quickly help by streamline the procurement process enabling hotels to save both time and money when purchasing goods and services. We have delivered 18% to 35% additional savings when sourcing items such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, bedding, construction materials or food and beverage supplies. Whether you are operating an International hotel chain or you are a regional operator, we have the resources and expertise to deliver outstanding results for your operations.


• Streamlined negotiation processes

• Sourcing projects completed in 40% to 60% less time

• Creates a highly competitive environment

• Reduced procurement costs

• No Software to purchase or IT involvement

• No financial or direct cost to client

• Vendors compete for your business

• Fully Transparent Audit Trail