Higher Education

Higher Education procurement departments are constantly challenged to do more with less. With limited budgets and strapped administrative resources it is becoming increasing difficult universities and colleges to meet the financial goals and objectives. Improvements in the procurement process are a commonly overlooked source of potential savings and efficiencies that enable schools to meet their educational goals and fiscal responsibilities.

Our team of e-sourcing professionals acts as an “as needed” extension of your purchasing department.

We work on a performance based model and there is no direct cost to your institution. Combined with our suite of e-sourcing solutions we are able streamline the procurement processes, and gain significant savings when purchasing everything from office supplies and IT and computer equipment to furniture and athletic equipment. While our team works hand and hand with you, you are in full control. Since there is no software to install, no licensing agreements to read through this will eliminate the need for IT involvement. You will have full access to your system through your current web browser. Buy Rite Technologies negotiation platform streamlines the sourcing process while having a distinct advantage over the traditional sourcing process – it is completely paperless and will provide you with a full and complete audit trail of each vendors bid history. Every competing supplier’s pricing proposal, terms & conditions and subsequent negotiations and all of the data is collected electronically; pricing analysis can then be performed almost instantaneously. Terms and conditions from competing proposals can be compared side by side. The speed and accuracy of the complete proposal analysis enables our colleges and universities to make equitable, fair and quantifiable vendor selections in 50% less time and with average savings of 18%.

By using Buy Rite Technologies team e-sourcing solutions institutions realize benefits such as:

• Shortened supply cycle

• Improved negotiation power

• Access to more suppliers

• Increased control & automation of the procurement process

• Full and complete audit trail of each vendors bid history