Global Sourcing

You may be looking offshore to reduce costs throughout your supply chain.

In today’s global economy many organizations have been able to realize and gain competitive advantage through more aggressive pricing and higher quality by outsourcing certain manufacturing, distribution, and other related services. If you are considering or are currently utilizing offshore vendors our e-sourcing systems are truly global. Our solutions are currently being used for sourcing in many countries around the world and are viewable by suppliers in the following languages:









Outsourcing to global vendors allows your business to leverage global efficiencies and the expertise of vendors across the world to reduce manufacturing and services costs. We can also perform e-sourcing events using any local currency.

Potential savings examples include:

• Leveraging India’s enormous pool of educated IT workers can deliver great savings for businesses requiring software development, hardware and software support and call-center services

• Outsourcing to China provides cost-effective access to a skilled manufacturing workforce

• Mexico offers transportation and logistics advantages for U.S.-based businesses