Full Service

Full Service – From Inception to Completion

Over the last 10 years Buy Rite Technologies has been delivering remarkable results through the deployment of our proprietary software with a team of e-sourcing experts. Together we deliver a web based, highly competitive RFP Process that delivers savings in excess of 18% and streamlines and reduces the procurement cycle by 40 to 60%. Collectively we have preformed thousands of sourcing events. And, we know how to make your event a success.

Our goal is to be viewed as an extension of your purchasing department. We will work side-by-side with your staff every step of the way – from RFI to the final award.

Some of the additional advantages are:

• No financial or direct cost to our clients

• No IT involvement

• No Software to purchase

• No lengthy software training

• Provides Vendor Scoring

• Accelerated Speed to Saving

• Full and complete audit trail of each vendor’s bid history

In the offline-world, this would be your process: First, you would create a questionnaire document, send it to potential suppliers by either by e-mail, mail or fax. Then, wait for them to respond. Then, remind suppliers about the questionnaire deadline. Inevitably, you end up with partial responses or responses which provide page after page of marketing information and never addresses the original point of the question or data –that has been altered into different formats. Then, you manually have to combine the answers and then do your analysis.

The Buy Rite Technologies teams will custom design one of our existing RFI templates to meet your specific requirements. The on-line RFI questionnaires are designed to allow vendors to respond to yes/no, multiple choice questions, and free-form text and include attachments such as product drawings, etc.

We will train and invite your selected suppliers to login and fill out their responses within a pre-defined time frame. At the conclusion of the RFI, with a single click, our system will convert all responses into multiple comparison friendly reports. If required, the results can then be scored by cross-functional departments across your entire enterprise.

Each potential supplier is then given an overall score. This will allow you to fairly and equitably select the most qualified suppliers to participate in the online RFQ/RFP and reverse auction.