While many e-procurement firms provide individual tools or services to solve discrete purchasing challenges, however, Buy Rite Technologies’ unique approach delivers value at all stages of the sourcing cycle. We offer comprehensive strategic consulting services that help any business:

• Increase margins by driving down material and component costs

• Support and drive business process improvements in purchasing and supplier sourcing

• Reduce operational costs by driving process improvements across the supply chain

• Accelerate manufacturing processes

• Realize a measurable ROI on strategic sourcing services and tools

• Compete more effectively

Buy Rite Technologies’ comprehensive strategic sourcing services include:

Spend Analysis: Analysis of your organization’s current spend, buying habits and processes to identify savings opportunities across the supply chain.

Spend Aggregation: Analysis of purchasing across divisions, contracts and related organizations to identify areas where consolidation would drive process and buying efficiencies and help your organization leverage volume purchasing power to reduce costs.

Contract Review & Negotiation: Review of existing contracts to identify those that could be re-negotiated to reduce costs. Buy Rite Technologies can also manage negotiation events and recommend, implement and manage processes and methodologies that remove subjectivity from the supplier selection process.

Competitive Bidding: Buy Rite Technologies offers a variety of on-line and off-line negotiation resources and tools to encourage competition among your suppliers and vendors and leverage market forces to drive down costs. Whether you want to manage this process yourself or have Buy Rite Technologies manage it for you, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

RFP Creation & Management: Buy Rite Technologies provides resources and tools to help you manage the RPF creation and management processes.

Supplier Sourcing: Buy Rite Technologies will analyze existing supplier sourcing processes and develop, implement and manage more-efficient and more-strategic ways to source suppliers and contract services.

Process & Supply Chain Reengineering: Buy Rite Technologies’ sourcing consultants have broad and deep expertise in both process and supply chain management. We can provide comprehensive process reviews, develop recommendations for improvement and work with all involved departments to roll out new processes and ensure long-term success.