Did You Know?

Companies can save 8% to 32% on purchasing costs using web-based reverse auctions, as compared to only 5% to 8% with traditional purchasing processes.

Buy Rite Technologies LLC On-demand e-Procurement solution allows mid-size to Fortune 1000 corporations to automate and manage their procurement process—creating greater efficiency, thus saving money.

Our team of e-procurement professionals combined with our propriety E-Procurement platform quickly delivers the “best in class“ value chain results, for each product category that you purchase.

In a reverse auction the buyers are in control as they offer bidders specifications on a particular product or service that they would like to purchase. Prospective sellers bid against each other with the lowest price they would be willing to accept for the product or service.

However, price isn’t the only consideration in a reverse auction. Reverse auctions are used by buyers to find vendors with whom to work. Buyers compare price, experience, quality and reputation in making a decision.

A Fortune 1000 CEO states: “Procrastinating or postponing vendor analysis is no longer an option.”

Buy Rite Technologies’ e-Procurement Solution approach, utilizing an Electronic Sealed Bid Reverse Auction platform, has historically saved our clients 16.2% on average.

We are here to help you get started today.

• Cut your Speed to Savings (“STS”) in half

• No expensive software or IT infrastructure to purchase

• No licensing fees

• No software to learn

• Bids are conducted in an open and transparent biding environment

• Bids are conducted in an unbiased and balanced environment