Contract Management

In our ever increasing globalised e-sourcing economy comes the responsibly to manage complex offshore agreements. Along with the benefits global sourcing may bring, you also have to be prepared to manage the risks that are often associated with them as well. You can greatly reduce or eliminate these inherent risks by implementing our Contract Management system. Our system delivers a consistent, approach for managing contracts and vendors and provides a single repository for all documentation, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks associated with standard paper-based contract management processes. Our system is designed to drive compliance with vendor agreement by providing an easy-to-use search function that will give you increased visibility of the key elements of all agreements across your enterprise.

The Buy Rite Technologies Contract Management solution will:

• Strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

• Ensure relevant employees access to contract history – anytime, anywhere

• Maximizing productivity

• Reduces administrative costs

• Effectively negotiate, manage & track all types of contracts & business agreements

• Centralize a contract repository, access contract & agreement data fast, easy, and reliably across the enterprise

• Lead to better contract consistency & compliance with more accurate records by tracking all modifications to contract data

• Assure contract obligations are met on time with proactive alerts, & tracking features of dates,

• Enable your Sarbanes-Oxley process with full audit reporting

• Notify contract owner of contracts that need attention or renewal

• Configurable expiration warnings ensure lead time for sourcing teams