Banking and Insurance

Disruptions in the financial markets, increased regulatory complexity and operational risks are major challenges for domestic and international banking institutions and capital markets-securities firms. These challenges, along with event-driven opportunities and new technologies have transformed the sector. In the current and unique climate, institutions seek innovative solutions and ways to reduce their expenses across a multitude of categories. These may include facility management services, forms, printed materials and office supplies.

Buy Rite Technologies understands these challenges. Our full service e-sourcing team of experts along with our e-sourcing applications can quickly help by streamline the procurement process enabling banks and financial institutions to save both time and money when purchasing goods and services. Recently we have been successful in delivering 18% to 35% additional savings when sourcing items such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, vault services. Whether you are a large national or local institution we have the resources and expertise to deliver outstanding results for your organization.

Added benefits:

• Streamlined negotiation processes

• Sourcing projects completed in 40% to 60% less time

• Creates a highly competitive environment

• Reduced procurement costs

• No Software to purchase or IT involvement

• No financial or direct cost to client

• Vendors compete for your business

• Fully Transparent Audit Trail

Although the worst of the financial crisis is over, insurers are still faced with a very challenging economic environment. How they maintain adequate capital, manage risks, retain business and contain costs in a highly competitive market will determine their long-term success.

Buy Rite Technologies has been a leader in providing full service e-sourcing events for insurance companies. With our extensive knowledge of the issues, trends and challenges that insurers face we are quickly able to deliver process improvements, functional efficiencies and sustainable cost reduction for both consumable products and services.